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Donate to the Museum

There are several ways how you can donate to the Museum with different benefits.

- Donate for a donation badge

- Donate for research

- Donate for visibility

- Donate for an article

- Donate for an airdrop

Tronwallet: TJEcBwW3Km1DjvxU1EgNeLWzxguvCdAP9x

EVM: 0xf2b0dbB18bC1459E637c841f851353Aaa4106C91

BRC20: bc1pzpzu9nue486fsf44hsgtwu7rq2gr92fzwa7ka593cz6qesa82c4s4axpv7

Donate for a badge

When you donate one or multiple tokens with a value below 10 USDT, you will receive a donation badge based on the amount of tokens donated and based on the blockchain they belong to. 

Below 10 tokens, grants your a donater badge

Over 10 tokens, grants you a bronze badge

Over 50 tokens, grants you a silver badge 

Over 100 tokens, grants you a gold badge

Donate for Visibility

If as a project, you want to get a prime location in the Museum, by donating your token followed with 40 USDT you will get a guaranteed max size Poster. By donating 80 USDT you will be displayed in the main hall of the museum and you will be featured in the main hub of the Crypto Museum. This location is guaranteed for 3 months.

Donate for Article

If as a project, you want to get an article written about your project and have your project shown in a prime location in the museum while being featured in the main hub, send 125 USDT to our Vault wallet and your logo will be featured in a prime location connected with an article for a minimum of 3 months.

Donate for Airdrop

If as a project, you want to have our token airdropped to all Crypto Museum badge holders for visibility of your project, please send the amount of tokens you want to have distributed, followed with a payment of 35 USDT to our Vault wallet and an airdrop will be arranged..

Donate for research

If you want to have a research article written, donate the token you want to article written about with a value of 25 USDT. If it is a token without value, have the donation followed with a 25 USDT donation in the same blockchain immediately and The Crypto Museum will write a blog post and connect it to the token shown in the museum..

By doing so, you will also receive a Donate for Research badge

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