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The amount of active Badges will grow continuously over time. Here you will find a real time overview of all the active badges which are distributed or all allocated to be distributed.

Active Badges

Special Badges

Donater Badges

Special Donater

Donate BTTC tokens during the Tron Hackathon V

Distributed Supply: 1 / n Pieces

Donate Tron tokens  during the Tron Hackathon V

Distributed Supply: 1 / n Pieces

Donate Tron Tokens

Distributed Supply: 1 Piece

Give a Donation to fund research

Distributed Supply: 1 Piece

Donate BTTC tokens 

Distributed Supply: 1 

Give Tokens to receive a Prime Spot 

Distributed Supply: 1 

Give Tokens to Execute an Airdrop 

Distributed Supply: 1 

Crypto Museum Badges

The types of Badges

The Crypto Universe starts off with 6 different type of badges, awarding the wider Crypto community for their contribution to the museum. Once we can generate income, we will be sharing that with badge holders.

Blockchain Badges

For every blockchain where you donate tokens to the museum you can receive badges. Depending on the amount of tokens donated you will receive a different tier of Blockchain specific badge.

Sponsor Badges

Individuals donating money (USDC, USDT or Chain native tokens) to the Museum as a funding to support the operation of the museum, will be receiving different tiers of Sponsor badges.

EVM Masters

This badge is intended for people who spreading their donated tokens over multiple blockchains. The more Blockchains you donate tokens from, the higher your EVM master badge tier will be.

Telegram Masters

The Crypto Museum has a Telegram channel where interaction is stimulated by giving community members different status levels in the Telegram group depending on the amount of conversation they engage in.


Supporters are content providers, admins or individuals who help out the Crypto Museum in different ways. Special badges are designed for the supporters.

Special Badges

There are special badges for special events. These Badges will be provided for a limited amount of time depending on the event it refers to..

Badge NFT's

The badges will be distributed to donaters as NFT's where at the start of our museum, we will be distributing the NFT's through Polygon for EVM based NFT's and Tron for TVM based NFT's

Visit the museum

Or donate some tokens


Be one of the first 10 followers for Crypto Museum Twitter

Distributed Supply: x/10 Pieces

Provide Solid content or input to Crypto Museum.

Distributed Supply: 1 / n Pieces

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