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The Crypto Museum Vaults

The Crypto Museum Vault

The Crypto Museum has a vault consisting of several wallet spread over all BlockChains with the purpose to collect all historical tokens created on all of these blockchains.

The ambition of the Crypto Museum is to be a living and expanding community project collecting the largest collection of Crypto tokens in the whole Crypto universe.

To collect these token we are relying on the wider crypto community to donate new tokens to our collection.

Community members donating  tokens will be rewarded with special Crypto Museum NFT badges.

There are different categories of badges ranging from what type of tokens you donated on which chain they reside and how many you donated.

The badges will be tradeable in NFT platforms and in case the crypto museum is earning revenue, part of that revenue will be shared with NFT holders.




The Museum Vault

Donation of tokens

The Crypto Museum in numbers..

Founded in


The Crypto Museum was founded in 2023 as a project to start collecting the history of Crypto through tokens.



The amount of L1 and L2 blockchains on which tokens have been collected.

Digital assets


The amount of tokens collected in our Crypto Museum Vault

NFT's in circulation


Every unique token sent to our Crypto Museum Vault will be rewarded with a Crypto Museum NFT.

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