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Our Golden Sponsor Badge holders are:

Experience the biggest Crypto token collection

Online Museum

Rewarding contributors

History in the making 

The Museum

The Crypto Museum has the ambition to become the biggest store of tokens in the Crypto Universe capturing the history of crypto through the tokens stored.

Blockchain agnostic

Honoring contributers

Community driven

Sharing benefits with the community

Direct feedback possibilities

Decentralized Store of tokens

Explore and see the history of Crypto told through the numerous Crypto tokens out there. 

Collecting Crypto History in one central location.

Our approach in steps


Tron / BTTC

Participation in the Hackathon to bring more awareness to the Crypto Museum project with the intend to build a solid token base.

Majority of prize money (excl running costs) will be used for energy and bandwidth creation, minting and distribution of Badge NFT's and setting up the first virtual Museum


Polygon / EVM / BTC

Creating a token collection in EVM projects besides BTTC. Chain by chain building a solid collection.

Regular Blog posts about projects involved. Multiple Museum rooms, connected through a central virtual hub.


NFTs / Ordinals

Besides tokens, start collecting NFT's and giving reviews of the projects behind it.

Visit the Museum now

Or Donate some tokens to support the museum

Key Features

Collect Badges

Contribute to the Crypto Museum and collect badges for your personal collection, for earning revenue sharing and for trading on secondary markets.

The amount of Badges in circulation is updated on a regular base.

In case Crypto Museum will become Cash Positive, 50% of its proceeds will be shared among holders of Crypto Museum badges.

Learn about Crypto history told by Crypto tokens.​

The aim of the Crypto Universe is to tell the history of crypto through tokens.

The profile and the usage of any Blockchain has changed over time. The tokens created on the chain are a key indicator of the purpose and use of the chain at any given time

Donate your excess Crypto tokens

Donate your excess Crypto tokens to one of the wallets mentioned in our Blockchain page and earn some of the Museum support badges.

Projects or individuals supporting with native tokens or stable coins with a value over 500 USDT will receive a Gold Sponsor badge and will be mentioned in our main page as contributors for the Crypto Museum project

In time, the Crypto Museum will start creating coin collections for trading and collecting purposes

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