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The Black Hole reviewed

The Black hole is the wallet which has no private key and therefore serves as a one way direction for tokens. Your token can get in, but can never get out....

The Black Hole of Tron Blockchain

In this article we focus on the Black hole on Tron Blockchain. We investigate the volume and the value of the tokens sent there on purpose or by mistake. In principle these tokens are gone forever.


As per October 10 the total amount of transactions is 1,011,280.

Until May 2021 the daily incoming transactions into the Blackhole were between 1.7 and 2 k per day. From May it fell back with a big boost end of 2021. The big impact was the move from TRC10 to TRC20 tokens, where TRC10 were easy and cheap to process and with TRC20 with the increasing energy costs sending to Black hole became more expensive from energy point of view.

Liquidity pairs

Some liquidity pairs have been sent into the Black Hole.

A total of 16 pairs have been deposited into the Black Hole, making it impossible to rug or pull out the liquidity.

Justlend staking

Some minor amounts of Justlend staking have been sent to Black Hole, probably by accident only representing a small portion of value...

Besides the Justland and Sunswap deposits, there is a wide variation of tokens deposited. Spread over TRC10, TRC20 and TRC721 (NFT's).

TRC721 - NFT's

There is a total of 8 NFT projects that have had some NFT's sent to the Blackhole. $KNFT seems to be the generic collection on the Kraftly platform and can in principle be any type of NFT, the second biggest amount is from VersacBrickSquad, who seemingly have done an NFT update.

The relatively low amount of NFT's in the Black Hole indicates the low traction of NFT's on Tron in our view.


There has been deposited a total of 723 different types of TRC10 tokens, of which only 3 seem to represent any value..

It is interesting to check the tokens with the higher deposited quantities and see what portion is send to the Black Hole.


For example for the $SCC token (which we also already hold in our Museum) the vast majority of tokens has been sent there. With less then 275k remaining in circulation..

This big drop happened 4 years ago, which makes it an interesting token to explore as only 30 transactions happened after that...


For TRC20 the amount of tokens deposited which have a value is a bit bigger, but still surprisingly low...

424 Tokens have been deposited into the blackhole address.

Current volume..

While the volume is significantly lower then in 2021, there is an average of 20 transactions into the Black Hole per day. In our view it is an indication that on chain activity has reduced a lot and the main volume is rather in settlements..

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