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$SATS & $ORDI the hot BRC-20 token.

With the arrival of Ordinals on Bitcoin, which allows to inscript items on the BTC blockchain. Contrary to NFT's on Ethereum, where people have become accustomed to storing things on Arweave or IPFS or even on a server and then providing a link. Which has the risk that a link can dissapear or be modified, the Ordinal on Bitcoin are filly stored on chain.

This is important for BTC holders as BTC has cultivated a unique cultural atmosphere. If it doesn't exist on-chain the ordinals are not save from tampering and this is not matching with the spirit unique to BTC. Everything must be fully on-chain and even a slight compromise to the integrity is not tolerated. Users are willing to spend more money rather than compromize on quality.

Hash Rate

In March 2023 after Ordinals were already up and running BRC-20 tokens were launched. There are two groups who are very bullish on Ordinals and BRC20, being the miners and the developers:

  • Miners: The miners recognize the profitability of BTC NFT and BRC 20 driven by an increase in block rewards and transaction fee income. Besides this it is growing the EcoSystem.

  • Developers: They see this as an opportunity to actively help growing the BTC ecosystem. can see F2Pool actively entering the Ordinals ecosystem.

BRC-20 and Ordinal transactions by now already count for more then half of all transactions on Bitcoin Blockchain.

To keep up with this trend and to make keep the transactions affordable the hash rate is extremely important and continuous improvement is needed to keep up for mass adoption.


$ORDI is the first token based on BRC20, with no utility and can be seen as a meme token.

Ordi was first deployed on March 8, 2023 and fully minted on March 10, with inscription numbers between #348020. With close to 13k holders it is quite well distributed with an average hold of less then 2k $ORDI per holder. ORDI is special being the first BRC20 token ever minted with a limited supply.


One of the other hot BRC-20 tokens is $SATS which is presenting itself as SATS V 2.0 to bring back the real supply to as an estimated 600. SATS V 1.0 are lost by now. SATS started one day after ORDI and after 6 months is still being minted. The minted amount though has been increasing recently with a full mint expected in the next weeks. With a holder count of 31.262 this is the most well distributed BRC20 token so far.

Concerns about BRC-20.

The main concern about BRC-20 which we have at this point is that they are not easily transactable. In order to send it to another entity you need to inscript the amount into BTC and then forward the inscription to the other person.

In order to send 1000 $SATS, it would cost 9114 SATS for inscription fee plus 3054 SATS for general fee at the moment of trial. With that it doesn't seem to be feasible yet as a replacement of $BTC as a means of transactions at this point.

Crypto Museum is holding both $SATS and $ORDI in its wallet. If you want to donate other BRC20 coins, please send it to this address: bc1pm6cy6nvkr3klysn2mxurgm0ld96fxes9y2ut0a2l8hksjtn2rjjsf723f8

For BitCoin: 38DiMq3v6xJafTH16pDHEhpY6S2h2BkKYe

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