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Santa Review

$Santa token has the features which could have made it a Meme token, but it was created before Meme tokens were a thing on a Blockchain with its own niche community at that time.

While it is indicated in Tronscan as a risky potential Scam token, making it near to invisible in the Blockchain explorer, we still want to make the case that it could have been a Meme token would it have been launched at a different chain at a different time.

Basic details:

$Santa was issued in September 2018 and referred to an emojipedia page for the URL. Making it clearly a fun token.

$Santa in numbers.

From Tronscan analytics we can only go back to 2021, where we know there was a lot of activity in Telegram trading and distribution of $Santa. $Santa was one of the main airdrop tokens out there in the Tron ecosystem. The interesting thing is the sudden boost in transaction activity mid of 2022 where millions of small transactions occured...

$Santa currently has close to 5.3 million wallets holding the token, where most probably a vast majority are dead wallets holding the tokens.

The top2 holders are the owner of the tokens and the now de-comissioned PoloniDex (or previously called TRX-market) after these two wallets, the distribution of the token seems to be quite healthy. Seeing that the owner of the token is still occassionaly active in the Tron Blockchain, seeing the healthy distribution of the token, a revival might be something to be considered.


The interesting thing of these analyses is that one analyses brings on the next. Checking out the holders of $Santa, made me aware of Polonidex and the amount of tokens still held in its smart contract.

As can be seen close to 150k $TRX is still in the contract and also some tokens with value like $BTCZ. In next reviews Polonidex and $BTZC will be up..

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