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Revenue allocation

The intent of Crypto Museum is to become a community driven project. We foresee an ever growing team of Crypto Museum contributors writing articles for our Blog reviewing projects and earning some funds in the process. In the end we want to grow the Museum to become the Crypto Museum, which is also why we have created a community focused revenue allocation plan.

Our revenue is generated through 4 different streams:

  1. Sponsors

  2. Donaters

  3. Hackathons

  4. Passive income

We have started Crypto Museum with a focus on Tron and its tokens to later expand into EVM chains, Bitcoin Blockchain and others.

As a kick start attempt we are participating in the Tron Hackathon and the infographic below would mainly show how we would allocate funds if we would win some:

The earnings are indicated in Tiers and once we pass a Tier, we will update the infographic with an ever evolving usage of income. This will give also a transparent view to our Badge holders when some rewards income can be expected..

Tier 1.

Tier 1 is focusing on recovering the costs for the created infrastructure. Hosting, website and Virtual Museum's. The first 1,000 USD will be used to recover these costs.

Tier 2.

Tier 2 is about supporting community projects on Tron / BTTC who either earn passive income, or who have a good potential in growing in value. These are projects with a good track record. Crypto Museum will spend the next 2,000 USD to buy tokens from these projects to support them and to try to generate a growing value locked in the Crypto Museum

Tier 3.

Tier 3 is about creating the Badges as NFT's in both Tron (TVM) and BTTC (EVM) surroundings. To do so in Tron, a significant amount of the 2,000 USD will be used to buy and freeze $TRX in order to have energy to mint the badges and distribute them to the people earning the badges.

Tier 4.

The next 2,500 USD will be used to buy community tokens (as for Tier 2) to be airdropped to holders of the first badges. This will provide a nice reward for the early supporters of Crypto Museum and will give some value to the Badge NFT's which were distributed for free.

Tier 5.

Once we pass the 7,500 USD revenue mark, we will be investing the next 5,000 USD revenue in expanding the Crypto Museum into different Blockchains. We will do a marketing campaign to grow our community and we will expand into new chains, buying some of its tokens to extend our tokens we can put on display..

The success of Crypto Museum in the Tron Hackathon won't influence the final goal of the Crypto Museum, it will only influence the speed with which this goal can be achieved...

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