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Nole review

The Pivoting champion

Nole is a long running project on Tron which has a strong base community and is continuously pivoting in their offerings to maintain their relevance. The name comes from the owner of former Twitter now X as the founder of Nole gets a lot of his inspiration from Elon Musk.

Nole in numbers

Nole started very active focused on Charity and Community, soon after it started developing the Nolelegends game and the Nolex DEX. Due to issues with the key developer both projects while looking very promising failed in the end. The community remained strong though and continued to create other projects like Deba's wolfpack, which in exchange used its success to support the Nole token. This history is clearly visible in the transactions of the Nole token:

$Nole is a token with a small supply of 1 Million tokens, out of which 7k have been burned. It has 269 holders which hold a minimum of 100 tokens.

Once having a value of over 1 USDT, it now holds a value of around 0.01 USDT. With the resiliance of this team, there is always a chance of recovery as the project is around for more then 5 years so far..

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