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NFT's on Tron Blockchain

The NFT craze on Tron Blockchain never really took off. After the initial hype with TronPunks and TronApes, there were some projects which had solid volume and stuck around like BabyTuru, Tronbies and Tronninjas, but the majority came in as moneygrabs and dissappeared or came in and just gave up...

From the original marketplaces built on Tron only Kraftly and ApeNFT seem to have maintained any significancy. All and all the NFT scene in Tron is in a bad shape. Let's review and highlight some projects which came (and went) during the last three years...

Starting with copycats..

It all started with TPunks, the first NFT collection on Tron Blockchain. The TPunks launched in August 2021 and was a clear copy paste of CryptoPunks.. And the biggest selling Punk was "JustinSun" for 120 Million $TRX.. The total turn over generated to date is 18.39 M$.

Soon after two different Ape Projects who were both clear copies of BAYC were launched at the same time, immediately indicated the start of the decline of the Tron NFT Ecosystem..

tMeebits, BAYCards, Punkcards, TronLizards, TronDoodles and many others followed later.

Community Projects

Soon after the first two copy cat projects there came a first wave of community projects like BabyTuru, Tronbies, Tronninjas, Trex and Cubies. Where at this moment only BabyTuru, Tronbies and Tronninjas are still active..

Later followed by projects like JustRug, AsTronauts, tApes, Tronbulls, Geekhead, CryptoCoven, TronBeary and many others, where the majority of the projects died a painful death into oblivian.


Then there were some Art projects launched on the now dead marketplace called Uswap, with projects like Hashchess which were created by a decent artist and might still have some solid value at a later point in time..


Finally there were some utility projects like VersacBrickSquad (fractional real estate) or Metronix (trading club)

Current Situation.

In the current situation, the NFT martket on Tron seems to be close to dead waiting for a project to bring the ecosystem back to live. Some decent projects are still hanging in there, but the majority has been long buried and forgotten..

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