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LionX - Review

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Here to stay or just another revival attempt?

The LionX project is a long running project on Tron Blockchain with an enthusiastic team at the helm. They just showed signs of engagement again after a long period of eery silence. The project has different modules, being DeFi (Jungle & Oasis), NFT (Manes) and Music Industry (Capital Lion).

LionX in numbers


The $LDA token currently has 280 holders. With a solid continuous growth to 240 in June 2022 followed with a slow growth to 280 in May 2023 and then a slow decline.

The token transfers had some peak area's Where Q3 2021 and Q2 2022 saw some volume peaking above 20 daily users with more then 50 daily transactions but since May 2023 it bottomed out with less then 5 transactions per day.

The value of the $LDA token dropped from an original value of around 0.5 $TRX to a current value of 0.004 $TRX. With a circulating supply of 6 Million $LDA, that gives it a Market Cap of 2.1 k USD. Which is extremely low compared to the ambitions.


LionX is mainly using 2 channels for social being Telegram and Twitter.

For Twitter LionX has at least 4 different Twitter profile being LionX, Capital Lion, One and MaffiaManes.

The main LionX profile mainly occupies itself with reposting the tweets from the team members and from the sub profiles, but it has showed inactivity from July 1st until September 27th.

On Telegram, there was a long period of silence until the community started to speak up louder and louder resulting in a positive message on the future of the LionX ecosystem.

Time will tell...

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