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Building the museum

After spending years in the Crypto space, I have seen many coins / tokens come and go. And I have learned in some chains the tokens created in a certain time frame say a lot about the blockchain itself.

There have been Defi Waves, Meme Waves, Dex waves, Oracle Waves and what's not more. So the tokens tell a story.

The purpose of the Crypto Museum is to let the tokens tell the story. But for that we need to know about the tokens. Therefore we are asking the wider crypto community to donate us the tokens which we can than research and use to tell the story and history about crypto. In exchange we will reward the supporting community with badges (NFT's) which they can earn / collect by supporting the museum.

We will build up the content of the museum gradually and will grow the story. We will focus on a couple of Blockchains at the time. To slowly but steadily create a solid knowledge database about the history of Crypto.

For now you can donate your tokens on EVM or TVM here:

EVM: 0xf2b0dbB18bC1459E637c841f851353Aaa4106C91

TVM: TJEcBwW3Km1DjvxU1EgNeLWzxguvCdAP9x

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