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BitMap review

The Metaverse on BitCoin

BitMap is a ground breaking Ordinal project on Bitcoin Blockchain with a huge supply and a cheap entry price. BitMap is positioning itself as a MetaVerse on BitCoin Blockchain.

What does the word Bitmap mean?

A bitmap is a type of memory organization or image file format used to store digital images. The term bitmap comes from the computer programming terminology, meaning just a map of bits, a spatially mapped array of bits. Now, along with pixmap, it commonly refers to the similar concept of a spatially mapped array of pixels. Raster images in general may be referred to as bitmaps or pixmaps, whether synthetic or photographic, in files or memory.

What is the Bitmap Ordinal project?

Bitmap is the community-backed metaverse protocol on Bitcoin. Each Bitmap ordinal is a land which represents a BTC block number.

Bitmap in Numbers (Nov 3, 2023).

Total Supply: 815 111

Amount of owners: 23 559

Average Bitmaps per owner: 34.6

Listed Bitmaps: 32 647

Sales: 41 112

Total Volume: 33.53 $BTC

Daily Volume: 0.1496 $BTC

Floor Price: 0.00033 $BTC

Inscriptions: #10423123-37047665

In the last week (3 weeks graph) the floor price has started to slowly rise.

So how does it work?

Every Bitmap represents a Block in the Bitcoin Blockchain. So the total supply of Bitmaps represents the amount of Blocks mined in the Bitcoin Blockchain.

The Bitmap itself then represents the items transacted (parcels) in that particular Block (land).

The picture above is a snapshot showing the blocks minted and the blocks listed for sale (green).

In Magic Eden (or other Ordinal marketplaces) you can check the Bitmaps listed for sale:

The squares in the Bitmaps represent the transactions which happened in that particular block and the size of the square represents the value of that particular transaction. Let's select a random Bitmap to dive in a bit deeper.

Bitmap 534932

It shows the following attributes being a Block created in 2018:

Using we can craft a 3D image of the Bitmap and we can look deeper into the several parcels.

The total transaction value in this block is a bit over 450 $BTC and it contains 182 transactions.

It then allows us to see the details of every transaction and also the value of each of them separately:

The Bitmaps is a cool way to dive into the details of Bitcoin transactions and in a way visualizing the history of Bitcoin Blockchain in a very cool manner.

What is next?

Next will be the creation of the Metaverse, where every Bitmaps is considered to be a piece of land and where in a way holders of BitMaps are landowners in the Metaverse, where $SATS will be the utility token. A review on $SATS and on the MetaVerse will be done later, but for now as Crypto Museum, we are happy to see developments like the BitMap Ordinal project.

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